If you are thinking about online strategies for marketing, there are two specific strategies that many people use. The first is called search engine optimization, or SEO, and the second is by doing PPC advertising through Google Ads. Both of these have their benefits, as well as their drawbacks, for online marketers. In fact, many off-line retailers use both of these strategies to drive more traffic to their physical stores. Let’s take a look at SEO versus Google Ads to determine which one would be best suited for your business.

What You Should Know About SEO

Of the two types of strategies, SEO is the most complex. You may not realize how difficult it is to do and tell you to start to rank your website. It is divided into many different strategies, all of which correlate around one specific goal. That is to rank your main website, or any other page on your website, for a specific keyword. If done properly, when people type in a keyword phrase that is related to your business, if you have done your search engine optimization properly, your listing will appear on the search results above the full door in the top position. This requires you to do both on-site optimization strategies, as well as backlinking, in order to outclass all of your competitors that are striving for these top positions.

Overview Of PPC Advertising And Google Ads

Pay per click advertising is just as old as search engine optimization. In fact, when the Internet was first made available to the general public, PPC was one of the first paid strategies that could be used for getting traffic to your website. Today, it is a very prominent way of getting almost instant traffic to your website. You are simply paying for your advertisement to show up when people type in keywords into the search engines. Depending upon how much you are willing to pay for every click, the position of your advertisement will be either very prominent, or it may show up below the fold of the search result page. The ideal position is to have either a top three ranking or at the very least, be in the top five positions so that people will see your advertisement.

Which One Is The Most Effective?

The effectiveness of each type of advertising is very different. Both of them can drive targeted traffic to your offers. Both of them, if done properly, can create a constant flow of potential visitors coming to your website or your physical store. However, the way they work, and how quickly they work, is very different. For example, within an hour of setting up your Google Ads campaign, you should start to see traffic coming to your website. However, if you do search engine optimization, you may not see beneficial results for several weeks or months. The main reason for the delay is that you are up against all of the other people using SEO strategies trying to achieve top positions for these keyword phrases. From a short-term perspective, PPC advertising is the most advantageous, yet it is also the most expensive. From a long-term basis, and also when looking at cost-effectiveness, SEO is the best strategy to focus your time and attention on.

SEO Versus Google Ads: Is There A Clear Winner?

There is actually no clear winner when it comes to the effectiveness of either type of marketing strategy. Both of them are designed to attract targeted visitors. The only way to determine which one is best for your company is to run both types of advertising campaigns and see which one generates the most revenue. Your revenue will be based on how many sales you make minus the cost of the advertising. In general, PPC will be much more expensive as you are paying for every click, but SEO does require you to work with professionals that can quickly rank your website. As long as you are making more money than you are spending, either of these can be considered successful. That is why running PPC and SEO Townsville campaign simultaneously is recommended as you can quickly see which one will make you more money once the cost of advertising is subtracted from that gross amount.

SEO versus Google Ads will always be a consideration with those that have websites. It will also be true for those trying to generate traffic to their physical store using the search engines. Whether you choose search engine optimization or pay per click traffic advertising methods, it always comes down to what types of results you can achieve. It is always recommended that you pay a professional to do either of these types of advertising. This will allow you to focus on your business and let them worry about traffic and rankings. By the end of a few weeks, you should know which form of online advertising is the best solution for your company based upon the results that these companies can achieve for you.