Digital marketing has succeeded in surrounding all the efforts which are put into the advertisement, as well as the mediums which are required to do so. Marketing is considered to be the best way of connecting with the possible consumers of your product or service. Therefore, the effectiveness of marketing holds great importance, no matter the size of your business. All you have to bear in mind is the right time and the right place to strike. Talking about today’s world, the best place where you will find your possible consumer is the internet. In other words, digital marketing refers to the marketing activities which take place on the internet/online.

According to a recent research which was carried out, it has been reported that the usage of internet amongst adults has increased by 5% while keeping in mind the last three years. This has been covered by Pew research. It has been stated time and again, that the level of buying and selling activities which take place online is much more than those in offline markets. This is due to the effectiveness of digital media. Digital marketing is not just confined to advertising your product on the internet; in fact, the term includes all the channels and tactics which can be used to interact with your possible consumers in an effective manner. The umbrella of digital marketing caters to online brochures, email marketing etc.

Most famous channels of digital marketing:

Email marketing:

The first medium which businesses go for while planning to endorse their products and services is email marketing. When the business plans for the various marketing strategies, they gather information regarding their future customers which include; contact numbers and emails IDs. This step is taken so that people are made aware whenever the business is planning to launch a new product in the market or inform them about their new and improved policies. This set of information is sent after taking permission from the customers to do so. The effectiveness of digital marketing can be calculated through the fact that it has led to businesses receiving an ROI of up to 4300%.
About 66 % percent of email marketing users have declared it to be one of the most effective tools for the job. This is a big reason why nowadays most businesses, irrespective of their size are planning to make use of email marketing in the near future.

Display advertising:

Most people visit various sites such as websites, forums, blogs which leave an influential impact on them. Digital marketers target the sites where there is a chance of finding their potential buyers and leave ads on such websites. The ads may be left in various forms which include; banners, video ads, boxes, audio ads, interactive ads, interstitial ads, and overlays etc. The benefit of using display marketing is that it plays a major role in creating awareness among people regarding different brands, new and old. The act of targeting sites develops the name of the business, which as a result generates sales. The payment criteria for these ads are based on cost per impression scheme, which has been declared as a better scheme than a cost per click. AdWords management is a popular service offered by many marketing agencies across the globe.

Social media marketing:

There is absolutely no denying of the fact that the modern era is all about social media. In fact, social media is known as the best thing that could have ever happened to digital marketing. Nowadays, whenever there is an emergence of a new brand or product in the business community, the major aim of these businesses is to make use of social media, because that is where their potential buyers are spending most of their time. The people involved in social media marketing, are not only able to interact with the customers on an indirect level but a personal level as well.
Every day the users of social media are increasing and that too in huge numbers. 2015 came with a 26% increase in the number of users of social media, as compared to the previous one. There has been a 50% increase in such businesses that have planned to endorse their products and services through social media.  The only thing which needs to be kept in mind by digital marketers is rightly choosing between the various social media networks, and coming up with the best amongst the lot.

Twitter- If you are someone who is trying to start up a new business and is aiming to reach out to all the new adopters, then Twitter is exactly what’s needed. Twitter is known for spreading awareness about brands in a short span of time.
Facebook- The best thing about choosing Facebook for social media marketing is that it is easy to target almost all types of customers. The only concern should be finding out the right groups or pages, where customers visit quite frequently, while they are online.
Google- Google is another effective network for social media marketing, it not only helps you to reach out the early adopters but general customers as well. The owners of the business need to have complete information about creating a good presence since it is responsible for affecting the behavior of SEO in the future.
LinkedIn- There are certain businesses, who plan to introduce their products and services not only general customers but business owners and professionals as well. In this case, LinkedIn has proven to be the perfect network choice.
Pinterest- This network is considered to be great while aiming at advertising through visuals. Many brands, especially clothing related ones, prefer to endorse their products through visuals, for which Pinterest is a great option. The major users of Pinterest are women, which is great for brands whose target audience is mainly women.