If you’re anything like I used to be, you’ve spent countless hours trying to grow your list.

-> Sharing your lead magnet in other people’s Facebook groups
-> Asking people to jump on your list
-> Spending crazy money buying leads
-> Writing endless blogs
-> Emailing everyone you know

I spent years thinking that I had to have a huge list if I wanted to make any money in my online business.

See, I am all about being transparent and let’s say, I tell it like it is. You’ll learn that real fast about me.

I tend to share what other’s hide. (I’ve been told to stop many times!)

I don’t give a damn about what other people think because I am always showing up from a place of Integrity. Honesty. Passion.

The one thing I rock at better than anyone I know is sales! It’s my jam.

However, I think it’s essential for you to know that I hate selling.

Contradicting huh?!

I am so damn good at sales that Terry Lyn Young hired me to work on one of his sales campaigns last year – because I know how to rock sales!

My sales close rate has been 75% to 85% for over three years now. I don’t share this to brag; I share this, so you know that when it comes to online marketing and sales, you’re in the right place.

I got your back!

Listen, I started small business marketing and consulting services because I wanted to help people create dream businesses doing what they love and making foreign money doing so.

So I am not going to hide what you need to know.

The truth with your list is not the size as much as it is the quality of your list.

I made my very first $10,000 from a list of about 300 people.

It wasn’t a big list at all, but I was incredibly engaged with them. I shared ahh-mazing value with them, AND I did it consistently.

I had a pretty busy life back then so I could only email once a week, but I did every week. I made that ONE email COUNT!

My list knew me, they liked me, and they trusted me.

This was when I realised that I didn’t need thousands of people on my list to make money.

I had a client come to me last year who had over 11,000 people on her list and wasn’t making even $5,000 a month!

She was so frustrated and burnt out!

When I asked her what her relationship was with her list, she said she emails them a few times a month asking them to work with her.

She wasn’t engaging with them, she wasn’t sharing any value with them and didn’t share anything about her experiences with them.

She primarily through some people on her list and slammed them with random promo emails.

This does not work!

Don’t get me wrong here; you MUST be growing your list every single day if you want to LEVERAGE and SCALE…

but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until then to make money!

You CAN make money with the list you have RIGHT NOW…

I grow my list every single day – without fail!

Here are some things I do every day to make sure I am growing my list WHILE giving value at the SAME TIME, so I am sure always to see a profit coming from my list…

1. I do monthly – LIVE webinars (SO much fun!) quarterly at the least!

2. I give value in EVERY email – even if I am promoting something, I provide amount TOO

3. I network! I never compete with other experts – I COLLABORATE! This has grown my list by thousands of TARGETED people that I can build relationships with

4. I run Facebook ads for my webinars – I NEVER used to run Facebook ads. I built a list of 5000 people MANUALLY from Facebook groups ALONE! Now I run ads, so I have more time to serve all my clients!

5. I show up in my business every day and build relationships.

The key is to STOP selling and START serving.

The more you sell, the more you repel people. No one wants to be sold to, no more than you want to be that sleazy salesperson.

Just share more value. Give more content. Be more visible. Ask more questions. Give more answers.

You are THE expert in what you do – give people what they’re asking from you through a webinar or Facebook live video or a training call or blog post.

However, you like to create content – DO THAT! And do it MORE!

Three weeks ago I launched to my Facebook group new training I had created, and that practice grew my list by 2900 people and my group of 550 people.

This is because I shared value that my peeps WANTED and I created a relationship. I didn’t have to ask anyone to buy from me. I just emailed the list I created, and they booked calls with me.

I had given them some of my best stuff, and that turned into profits – without me having to do ANY selling.

When I do a webinar, I show up fully! I give so much value that people email me afterwards telling me that they got more value and strategies from my FREE webinar than they have in a year with their coach (whom they’re paying thousands too!)

That is because I thrive on over-delivering. I LOVE giving all I can to help my community make crazy money while having fun and serving others.

Your list doesn’t need to be huge – just nurtured. Easy enough right?!

Let me leave you with a couple of my list building tips.

– If you have a list that you haven’t nurtured or taken good care of – reach out to them. Do NOT promote or try to sell ANYTHING. Just reach out. I call this my re-engagement email.

– Do something free and SUPER valuable like a LIVE webinar or Facebook group challenge – these are GREAT value content pieces and there fun!

– Set a minimum of 1 day aside where you will email your list – can be about ANYTHING – engage consistently

If you did a monthly webinar or challenge, you’d never have a lack of cash flow again, and you don’t even have to sell!

STOP SELLING AND START SERVING! Just give consistent value through FREE content and watch your bank account go up!

These are just a couple strategies I use to maintain $35k months working 20 to 25 hours a week.

And I have FUN in my business. I build relationships. I am connected with some of the most successful millionaires in our industry, and I never have to sell!

You can do the same thing. 🙂

I hope this inspires you to rework your actions and start fresh – you have my permission to do that! It’s quite refreshing to do!

I am on a mission this year to build a bunch of sales addicts who are selling like junkies on crack BUT without selling!

I am turning my community into sales masters and eliminating their fear of sales or lack of sales and showing them HOW they can create all the sales they desire without having to be sales.

If you want to join me on this masterclass, LIVE the details are below! It’s free, and I am going to share with you HOW to make money from your Facebook group.

Like I mentioned above, I used Facebook groups alone to just two weeks ago to grow my list over 2900 people, my group by over 500 and I created $35k all in 30 days.

Facebook groups are IT right now, and if you’re not using them, it’s time you started.